Kalani Tissot

Kalani Tissot is a political fundraiser and consultant based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Ever since he volunteered on his first campaign in college, Kalani has been on a mission to help Democrats win up and down the ballot across the country.


In 2018, Kalani drove four days straight from Washington State to Florida to work on a Congressional campaign and help Democrats take back the House. After that, he served as the Finance Director for the South Carolina Democratic Party, where he raised over $1.2 million and organized a 1,100 person dinner that raised over $250,000 in one night. Then, Kalani moved to Nevada to work as the Finance Director for Congressman Steven Horsford, where they raised nearly $3.5 million for his competitive re-election campaign. Now, Kalani works with a great group of candidates who are all preparing for 2022 and beyond. 


Alex Fuller

Alex Fuller is a political fundraiser based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From his beginnings as a senior in high school when he volunteered on a referendum campaign, political activism and engagement have never left Alex's foresight. Before moving to Nevada, Alex spent the last four years at the Indiana Democratic Party, where he helped raise over 6 million dollars.

When you can’t find Alex dialing for dollars or attending a fundraiser, you’ll find him on the course searching for the perfect round of golf while intensely listening to a Chicago Cubs game on the radio.


Logan Cayton

Logan Cayton is a political fundraiser based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Starting in high school, Logan got his start in politics through activism around stopping Kansas from using toxic chemicals in fishing lakes. As he finished college, Logan felt inspired to help organize advocacy efforts on a larger scale. He got his first campaign job for then Presidential-candidate Tom Steyer in Reno, NV.  In 2019, he organized a climate-centered town hall for Steyer that was attended by over 150 people and included the most prominent environmental leaders in Nevada. 


Logan continued his work in Northern Nevada by serving as the Deputy Field Director for Patricia Ackerman’s bid for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District in 2020. He is now highly motivated to raise money to help get Democrats elected across the state and win in Nevada.


When Logan is not fundraising, you can find him playing tennis, rock climbing, or stressing over a Kansas City Chiefs game. 


Ian Montgomery

Northern NV Finance Director | Ian@TissotSolutions.com

Ian Montgomery is a political fundraiser and consultant based in Reno, Nevada.


Before getting involved in elections and working on political campaigns, Ian served the City of Elko on the Planning Commission. He worked for the community in the school district and in local journalism at the local radio and tv stations. 


Ian started working on campaigns traveling around the silver state, contacting voters in remote rural regions. Since then, Ian has organized across the country in Cleveland, New York City, Iowa, and remotely throughout the pandemic in several areas. Most recently, Ian was in the Chicagoland area as Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s Deputy Finance Director.


Ian enjoys escaping into different realities when he is not working by reading, writing, playing video games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

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Ruby Valencia

Ruby Valencia is a political fundraiser based in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Ruby has always been extremely passionate about protecting the environment. This passion led her to begin her journey in political activism through her high school & college internships with environmental advocacy groups, like the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Learning about the power of mobilization and civic engagement, she hopes to create positive change through working on fundraising for important causes and candidates in Nevada. 

When Ruby isn't fundraising, she's gardening, bullet journaling, or hanging out with her pet hamster (Pumpkin) and cat (Kitty).