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At Tissot Solutions, we offer a variety of different services and products that help our clients raise money. We serve both political campaigns and non-profit organizations in the state of Nevada.

Here's a breakdown of our firm's service offering. If you are interested in working with us, please contact our Firm Principal over email at

Full-Service Fundraising

For the majority of our clients, we manage and execute their fundraising program from start to finish. This includes a rigorous call time program, fundraising event management, digital fundraising, direct mail, and setting up donor meetings.


We have the best track record of any political fundraising firm in the history of Nevada and regularly set new fundraising records for our client base.

For Non-Profits, we can fully manage their development program or work under a Development Director to support the organization's fundraising.

Out of State Political Fundraising Consulting

We've helped candidates like Governor Terry McAuliffe and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries raise money in Nevada. If you've got a national candidate visiting Las Vegas or Reno, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Donor Data

As Nevada's premier political fundraising agency, we maintain an extensive database of all of Nevada's top political donors. We provide high-quality donor data on political contributors in Nevada to campaigns and organizations.

Fundraising Consultant Coaching

We've helped coach other fundraising consultants on what it takes to run a successful fundraising practice and help serve clients in innovative ways.

Get in touch

Interested in our services? Send Kalani a note at and let's get to work.

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