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At Tissot Solutions, we offer fundraising services, donor data, and fundraising technology to both political campaigns and non-profit organizations in the states of Nevada and Utah.

Here's a breakdown of our firm's service offering. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with our Firm Principal over email at

Candidate Fundraising

For candidates running for public office, we bring our record-setting political fundraising experience to the table and completely run their fundraising program from start to finish. 

Our campaign fundraising services are all-inclusive. This includes:

  • Call Time Staffing

  • Fundraising Event Management

  • Donor Meeting Support

  • Digital Fundraising 

  • A CRM for client fundraising

  • Donor Data Services

  • (In Nevada) Compliance Services

What separates Tissot Solutions from the competition:

  • We are the only political fundraising firm in America to provide our clients with a fundraising CRM at no cost to their campaigns. Paying $300-$500 a month for an inefficient CRM or using Google Sheets are both poor alternatives.

  • We have the best data on donors of any fundraising firm we compete with. Our accuracy rate for call time numbers is exceptionally high, and we have best-in-class data practices in place for all of our clients. 

  • We are the only fundraising firm in Nevada with a history of setting fundraising records for federal, state, and municipal campaigns. We've led fundraising for campaigns with budgets of both $5 million and $50,000. 

  • We've mastered the small details. We send out calendar invites, email reminders, and text message reminders for all client fundraisers. We track donor birthdays and send birthday alerts to our clients. We actively plan around religious holidays, professional sports games, and school district calendars. We pride ourselves on having instant follow-up to donors during call time and rigorous documented systems in place for everything we do at the firm. 


For Nevada clients, Tissot Solutions also provide our state & local clients with full C&E report compliance services. This includes ongoing compliance monitoring of both contributions and expenses, C&E report preparation & filing with the Nevada Secretary of State's office, and reminders to our clients about filing their annual financial disclosure in a timely fashion. We maintain active relationships with the NV SOS's office and also are a client of the leading political law firm Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin.

We only serve candidates who identify as either Democrat or Non-Partisan.

Non-Profit Fundraising

For non-profits, Tissot Solutions serves both premier advocacy organizations (typically 501c4) and also direct service (501c3) organizations. Our specialty is in individual and corporate development. We do not assist with grant writing and instead focus on helping clients raise money from both new and current donors. We are experts in helping non-profit organizations raise money from low, medium, and high-dollar donors. 

Our ideal 501c4 advocacy non-profit client is an organization that meets the following criteria:

  • An affiliate of a national organization or advocacy brand.

  • The organization's advocacy is similar to ideological positions held by the elected officials we serve. 

  • The budget is funded predominantly by the national organization, grants, or large gifts from a handful of funders.

  • There is little to no fundraising infrastructure in place, or there is a need for improvement in fundraising infrastructure, and the organization wants to raise more money from individual & corporate donors. 

Our ideal 501c3 direct service non-profit client is an organization that meets the following criteria:

  • Has been in existence for over five years.

  • The budget is funded predominantly by large grants, government funding, or gifts from large institutions.

  • Individual and Corporate giving is a small percentage of the budget.

  • Has an annual budget of over $600,000. 

  • There is little to no fundraising infrastructure in place, or there is a need for improvement in fundraising infrastructure, such as annual fundraising events, a monthly giving program, high-dollar donor stewardship, digital fundraising, or a direct mail program. 

We do not typically work with brand-new 501c4 or 501c3 non-profit organizations. We also do not provide capital campaign consulting at this time. 

For non-profit services, we have two forms of consulting packages:

  • Full-Service Fundraising

    • This is our complete package, where we work with you on building a development program that includes detailed systems for individual fundraising, corporate development, fundraising events, digital fundraising, direct mail fundraising, CRM setup, and more. ​

    • We add capacity to your organization and can serve either as your Development Director or in a support role to the existing Development Director. 

    • This type of consulting work is an annual contract priced with monthly retainers. 

  • Event-Specific Fundraising

    • We work with you on a single fundraising event and help you knock that event out of the park. This services package is more short-term and is a limited engagement focused solely on organizing a very successful fundraising event. ​

    • Services include event planning, event fundraising, RSVP management, event staffing, board member engagement & hand holding, event follow-ups, and more.

    • This is a short-term consulting package with monthly retainers throughout the engagement. 

What separates us from other Non-Profit Fundraising Consultants:

  • We serve as an extension of your Development Team and are happy to make direct solicitations of donors on your behalf. Most non-profit fundraising consultants do not ask for donations. 

  • We act with a sense of urgency and pride ourselves on being highly responsive.

  • We provide high-quality donor prospect data that includes the full range of both charitable and political giving (there is a high correlation between the two).

  • We are extremely selective with whom we work with and will only take on a client if we are confident we can add a lot of value. 

Get in touch

Interested in our services? Send Kalani a note at and let's get to work.

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