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Can Artificial Intelligence Write Fundraising Copy? The Answer is Yes.

ChatGPT has taken over the internet. If you haven't seen it yet, ChatGPT is an AI chat platform that OpenAI just recently launched. It's a large language model trained to generate human-like text in response to each input.

The applications for ChatGPT are endless. Folks have already used it for work out routines, creating code, drafting legal contracts, and even movie outlines.

Check out ChatGPT here:

As someone obsessed with political fundraising, I was dying to know if we could use artificial intelligence to write fundraising copy for campaigns. Most fundraising emails, texts, and social media posts are rather quite simple. So let's give this a go.

For all of the examples in this blog post, I'm going to ask ChatGPT to generate copy for Congressman Steven Horsford's re-election campaign. As a full disclaimer, all content generated here is written by AI and is not approved or representative copy by the Nevadans for Steven Horsford campaign committee.

Let's start with a fundraising text:

If I was a teacher and grader of fundraising copy, this text message would get a solid B. It's missing a question mark (all solicitations need to have a "?"), it could be more specific about what impact the donation is funding, and it could have even more added urgency.

One of the biggest features that separates political fundraising from non-profit fundraising is a deep sense of urgency in how we frame fundraising copy. Let's see if ChatGPT can incorporate that.

This is better. But what about even more urgency?

Here's the result when we continue to ask for more urgency:

Finally, the text is getting a bit long.

Not bad.

Let's try social media posts.

Here's a tweet.

Here's a Facebook post.

Lastly, here's an email.

A bit short for my liking.

Now we just need a subject line.

All of these were generated by Artificial intelligence. They aren't perfect or advanced, but they were created in seconds.

Now, I won't be using AI-generated copy anytime soon, but the day will come when AI writing tools are being used to write an endless supply of fundraising emails, texts, posts, and more.

The future is coming, and I'm excited about what it offers.

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