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Tissot Solutions hires Zane Taylor | Re-Opens Reno Office

Updated: May 24, 2023

Tissot Solutions is excited to announce that we've hired Zane Taylor, who will join our firm next month as our sixth current employee.

Zane's interest in politics was ignited during a service-learning trip to the US/Mexico border, where he encountered the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. He embarked on his political journey during his time at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he explored his passions. As a Public Affairs and Legislative Intern with a prominent firm in Nevada, Zane gained valuable insights into Nevada’s political landscape. His experience with a non-governmental organization at the United Nations honed his passion for climate justice and other issues faced worldwide. He also enjoyed actively engaging in student and community outreach throughout his time at UNR.

Zane will re-open the Tissot Solutions Reno office and work closely with Reno Vice Mayor Devon Reese and Washoe County Commission Chair Alexis Hill on their re-election campaigns. He will also be a part of our statewide fundraising team for AG Aaron Ford and our premier advocacy non-profit organizations.

With the hiring of Zane Taylor, Tissot Solutions continues to be the only Nevada fundraising firm with full-time staff residing in Reno.

During the 2022 cycle, Tissot Solutions worked with Mayor Hillary Schieve, Washoe County Commissioner Mariluz Garcia, Assemblywoman Angie Taylor, Sparks City Councilwoman Dian VanderWell, WCSD Trustee Beth Smith, WCSD Trustee Adam Mayberry, WCSD Trustee Joe Rodriguez, Justice Erica Flavin, and Justice Justin Champagne. Tissot Solutions continues to have the best fundraising track record for local candidates in Northern NV.

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